Introducing Crowhurst



Fresh Springs at CCHC

Howard´s Well - open Monday to Wednesday for day guests

Everyone is welcome to come along and enjoy the Fresh Springs.  

Benefit from the beautiful countryside on a walk around our grounds or simply absorb the views and sounds of nature from a bench on the patio.  Howard`s Well serves home-made cakes, lunches, drinks and refreshments between 11am and 3pm.

There are plenty of opportunities to encounter Jesus when you visit CCHC.  There are midday prayers led by a Chaplain in the large chapel (just drop in - no need to book).  Experience a healing walk with Jesus with our new series of prayer walks and receive prayer at The Tent of Meeting.  We also have plenty of quiet spaces to retreat to (including Shalom, the Prayer Room, Chapels and Quiet Rooms). The grounds are open 10am - 5pm.

To assist us with Track and Trace please register at reception when you arrive.

The house opens to residential guests - 13th August 

We have significantly reduced our fees and are introducing a Bed and Breakfast rate with the intention of making CCHC accessible for all people.  To begin with there will be a maximum of 2-night stays, on dates as advertised. 

Please see the programme section of the website for details.

COVID-19 Risk Assessment 

Healing Services


Welcome to Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre

Welcome to CCHCWe are a small, friendly Christian Healing Centre where a warm welcome is offered to all. Situated in an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, it is just 4 miles from the coast in the Sussex High Weald. The beauty, peace and comfort of this place create an ideal setting in which to draw closer to God and experience his love.


It is all about the Kingdom of God

The saving, healing work of Jesus is all about Kingdom come/coming. Every time a person is drawn out of darkness, slavery or dis-ease it is a Kingdom moment. The kingly rule and authority of Jesus breaking into our world. Every time we allow Him to be King in our life or in a situation around us, the Kingdom has come.

The ministry of Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre is a Kingdom ministry where we seek to cooperate with Jesus (as junior partners) in the bringing in of His Kingdom.



Services and Prayer

Midday Encounter: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday at 12 noon - Large Chapel

Drop in prayer in the Tent of Meeting: Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. 

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Accommodation and Facilities


Enjoy the presence of the Lord here, our warm hospitality, delicious food and acres of space...

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Supporting Us

Phil & Suzie

This God given place flourishes thanks to the generousity of our supporters. 

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What People Say

So lovely to leave the cares of the world behind and just rest in God’s presence

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Corsets and Penguins

  I remember vividly the day as a student nurse, when I was helping a 90 year-old lady to undress, so that she could have a bath. Having removed her dress, I discovered she was wearing a corset - the like of which I had never seen before. It was tight fitting, but fitted her perfectly, and it was sturdy, and had at least 50, probably more, tiny little hooks and eyes that I had to undo. Half way down the line of hooks and eyes, each one an individual challenge, I said to her ‘however do you mana...

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Welcome from our Chaplains
Steve, Suzanne and David

Steve Gendall, Suzanne Owen and David Mayhew