Loved Beyond Measure

A Prayer Journal with stories of our Lord at work in people`s lives at Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre

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The Heart of Healing, George Bennett

A handbook on healing

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To God be the Glory - Celebrating 90 years of Christ the Healer at Crowhurst

This fascinating account of the history of Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre begins with its inception in 1928 and follows the changes in buildings and personnel through the years.

To God be the Glory book

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Miracle at Crowhurst - George Bennett

The remarkable story of the development of Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre during George Bennett’s time in the late 1950s and 1960s

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The Miracle Continues by Peter McIntosh

Peter and Kay didn`t know it, but God had a plan of renewal for the Centre that they were to be at the heart of.  Peter tells the amazing story of transformation and change in `The Miracle Continues`. 

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Or why not buy all three for just £10-00

 The Miracle at Crowhurst + The Miracle Continues book + To God be the Glory book

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