e-Learning Courses "Good News Invades Earth Part 1 & Part 2"

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The courses explore the breadth of the saving/healing plan of God and how it applies to our life. This is not merely a theoretical study but an invitation to meet the Complete Saviour and to be changed and healed by the experience.


e-Learning is a wonderful way to learn and can be done at any time from the comfort of your own computer. Both courses are suitable for everyone requiring only a basic knowledge of computers and an internet connection.

Working at your own time and your own pace you will have the opportunity to join Forums (group discussions) on the teaching content with high quality facilitators on hand to stimulate the discussions and contribute to the tricky questions that will arise. You will be encouraged to keep a confidential online journal (a conversation with God) which forms an important part of the learning process. 

Desired outcomes of GNIE Part 1

  1. To understand the place of healing within the Good News of Jesus

  2. To become aware of the universal need for Christ’s healing/saving touch on a broken world and broken individuals

  3. To recognise our own needs as a precursor to praying for others

  4. To experience the healing/saving /transforming touch of God in our own lives.

Desired outcomes of GNIE Part 2

  1. To come to an awareness of our own needs and vulnerabilities as a precursor to praying for others

  2. To understand our role in bringing the healing of Jesus to our broken world.

  3. To grow in understanding of how to pray for others.

  4. To understand the importance of safety in prayer ministry

  5. To experience the healing/saving /transforming touch of God in our own lives.



Steve ClarkThe Revd. Steve Clark (course designer writes): ’I have been exploring the place of healing in Christ’s name for most of my adult life. It seems to be part of God’s gift to His broken but dearly loved world and not the exclusive domain of certain flavours of Christian expression or indeed restricted to the confines of church. Jesus healed more people outside the synagogue! My exploration has not just been theoretical but has sprung from my work at Burrswood and Crowhurst, both longstanding centres of Christian Healing ministry. During 10 years at Burrswood I worked as part of a multidisciplinary team of doctors, counsellors, nurses, physiotherapists and chaplains offering an integrated care to the whole person. Crowhurst lacks the hospital wing but its ministry is partly residential offering prayer to the dis-eased from near and far. Both these centres have provided a rich, deep and practical learning environment that has constantly fed my understandings of Christian faith and the place of healing in today’s world. Burrswood springs from an Anglo Catholic root while Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre although Anglican in origin comes from a lower tradition and is now a non-denominational place. The variety of traditions has been a source of blessing and broadened my understanding of Christ’s work. I have been involved in teaching in this area for almost two decades and hope you grow in understanding and experience God’s loving touch as you participate in this course.’

Please contact pa.cchc@btconnect.com if you are interested in our e-Learning courses.