Healing Services & Prayer

I will bless the Lord at all times

Guests can come to stay...

Guest in the grounds

...for a few days or longer for rest, retreat, healing prayer and ministry. They experience the healing touch of Christ in this place of His peace and hospitality.  Please check the programme section of the website for details of when you can stay.    

The daily programme revolves around Christ-centred worship and Holy Communion.  Every day there is 22:2 at 10am and every bedroom contains a prayer book for individual worship. 


SuzannePublic Services

Monday - Friday 10am you are welcome to join us for 22:2 "For the Healing of the Nations" - a reflective healing and worship service led by a Chaplain.  



prayer 2Prayer is available to our guests and also to those outside the centre. We will do our best to accommodate your request within the Covid19 guidance (i.e. in a well ventilated space, 2m apart, no touch, no anointing and as the current guidance permits).

Prayer is available Monday to Friday (until 3pm) with a Chaplain - just drop in (no appointment necessary).