The Crowhurst Family

Crowhurst Family

We are a group of people who are inspired by the ministry and person

of Jesus to bring His healing and wholeness to all people.


Chaplains, Steve, Suzanne & DavidChaplains

Steve Gendall, Suzanne Owen and David Mayhew serve as Chaplains at Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre and are responsible for the spiritual care of visitors to the Centre. They are occasionally assisted by a number of volunteer chaplains, from across the Christian traditions. 



Leadership, Steve & Suzanne

Leadership comes from the Senior Chaplain (Steve Gendall), the Deputy Senior Chaplain (Suzanne Owen) and the Trustee Body.


Prayer partners and Friends of Crowhurst

Ministry timeOver 200 people across the UK support the work here by daily prayer. 

We rely on those who visit to publicise the work and we supply them with publicity to share with friends, family and churches. The enthusiasm of someone who has been blessed by God is the very best publicity.


The Board of Trustees



The activities of the Centre are overseen by a Board of Trustees, chaired by Nigel Thonger. Our President is Rt Rev`d Dr Martin Warner, Bishop of Chichester.