Refreshing the brave heart - men's weekend 26th to 28th September

"I crawled to the weekend, tired, passive and somewhat beaten. I feel my spark has returned. I’m leaving feeling inspired, challenged, healed and excited to see my family and I feel like I’ve been given a second chance to step into the man, husband, father and friend God has created me to be. I’m aware the battle has now stepped up a notch but I want to fight it – full, alive and free in who I’ve been created to be. Bring it on!!"

Man in field

Join us for this inspiring weekend September 26th to 28th 


"It has been great to hear real life stories of lots of real men. How God has spoken to them in their weakness and failure and has given them strength and direction. God has used their openness, honesty and vulnerability to speak into my own life. I know that my Father is giving me strength and hope to be the man he called me to It has been a very valuable time to meet with God, hear from him, share with others, seeing how God is working in so many different people’s lives."

"I need to take on the message of God’s Fatherhood deeper and deeper."

"I have more understanding of what I have lost as a man and fresh hope as I’ve been reminded that God wants to restore it in my life."

This message was added on Saturday 23rd August 2014