Where is God in Dementia?

Has dementia left you feeling confused and bewildered?

Angry?  Afraid?  Desperately frustrated with no idea of where to turn?

There is no getting away from it; dementia is a difficult and deeply distressing condition that seems to strip away the very heart of a person's identity.  It's no wonder we all find it so difficult and that many cry out to God wondering why He allows such a condition to happen to people.

But the death of Jesus on the cross means that God is there, right in the heart of all human suffering, including dementia. 

As a psychologist with many years experience of working with people with dementia and their carers I have seen time and time again that when people come together with open but hurting hearts God can be found in the midst of dementia.  

Although there are no easy answers to offer, I can say from experience that bringing people together to learn and to share makes a much bigger difference than most people expect. 

Where is God in Dementia 19th to 21st September

 Elizabeth Milwain  by Elizabeth Milwain - Psychologist & leader of "Where is God in Dementia" weekend.

This message was added on Wednesday 27th August 2014