A wooden altar and handcrafted goblet for communion.

Chris was on Refreshing the Brave Heart at the weekend. He writes "What a remarkable weekend we were privileged to share. With the group's ages spread across 5 decades of experience, humour and stories of life. Invaluable to share experiences of God amongst men. For me, Refreshing the Brave Heart has allowed time to reflect on where I am in life spiritually and in reconnecting my prayers, so they emanate from my soul. 


The Asaph music rolling out of the Chapel across the lawns in the darkness, is something that we should all experience, as the sound built into a crescendo as you walked into the Chapel and sent our prayers singing to God's presence. The lifetime memory will be of sharing communion outside, with the wooden altar, hand-crafted wooden goblet and bread to share communion. The historical significance and simplicity was hugely spiritual. Thank you Crowhurst and the remarkable team who pulled this weekend together."

This message was added on Wednesday 1st October 2014