Short Back & Sides?

At the hairdressers Steve did something he had not done before - he started to imagine what Jesus was like when he visited the hairdressers.  Can you imagine how the conversation might have been? 

Hairdresser: “How are things with you?”

Jesus: “Great thank you, and you?”

Hairdresser: “I’m good thanks.  Have you got a day off today?” 

Jesus: “No, I’ve been working for my Father but I’ve just come from a picnic.”

Hairdresser :“Lovely. Great day for it. Was it a family event?”

Jesus: “No – in the end thousands came.”

Hairdresser: “I hope they brought their own food!”

Jesus: “Actually they didn’t - I was in charge of catering.”

Hairdresser: “How on earth did you feed that many?”

You can imagine how the extraordinary conversation might continue!  


In some cultures having your hair cut is a big deal for boys and can signify a rite of passage.  Luke 2 describes a Jewish rite of passage where Jesus, a twelve year old boy, goes to the Passover with his parents. The story tells how Mary and Joseph lose Jesus and return to Jerusalem to search for Him.  When they find Him at the Temple talking with the teachers they explain that they have been searching for Him.  Just like the imagined conversation at the hairdressers Jesus gives an extraordinary reply: “Why were you searching for me? Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?” Even at twelve years old Jesus knows He is the Son of God. 

Do you find yourself frantically looking for Jesus? Do you feel like you have lost Him along the way or that you have run on ahead and left Him behind?  When something of value is missing the right thing to do is to search for it.  Turn around, go back and look until you find it.  Jesus promises He is not far away: “I am with you always”.  And when you tell Him you have been searching for Him await His extraordinary reply. 

At the hairdressers Steve’s experience was transformed by imagining Jesus’s conversation.  Jesus can transform our experience today. He wants to so come and find Him.

This message was added on Monday 1st December 2014