Outreach - Could we come to you?

We have been thrilled and excited to receive requests from home and abroad to come and teach churches and Christian groups a little of what we know and experience of the healing ministry of Jesus.

Wordle - Going out

We are particularly excited because we believe that God is calling us to return to "ancient paths" or the old way of doing things. In the early days of Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre, an important part of the work was taking the vision, experience and skills of the team at Crowhurst and sharing it with others by teaching, equipping and praying for them.


We would therefore, be delighted to receive requests from congregations and groups of any denomination to provide teaching, encouragement and equipping. Whether you have a well established healing ministry and ministry team or whether you feel your church or group needs basic training in the healing ministry we can tailor our provision to meet your needs. 

Contact us via email for more information or to make a request.

This message was added on Thursday 15th October 2015