Good News Invades Earth - Part 2

Part 2 of an internet based 5 week course on Christian Healing ministry

Good News Invades EarthFrom 25th September we will be facilitating part 2 of an eLearning course exploring some of the practical aspects of praying for others.  

Good News Invades Earth 2 will help you to explore who can pray, how to pray for others, the specific call to being a prayer minister, and a range of safety issues. This joint venture between Norwich Diocese and Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre will contain a range of inputs (text, sound, video...) and frequent opportunities to engage in forums and other forms of dialogue with other learners and with Steve and other facilitators who are experienced prayer ministers.

eLearning is a wonderful way to learn and the course will only require basic knowledge of computers but an internet connection is needed.

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