A week for prayer and healing

Elaine Storkey, Christian theologian, philosopher and sociologist leads this week on healing ourselves and our world.

Elaine Storkey

Healing Individuals

What do we need to be healed from?

  • Personal pain, family pain, hurt, brokenness
  • Places of hurt in people’s lives
  • Steps towards healing: acknowledging need, praying with the Scriptures, letting go, allowing God to heal memories & emotions 


Healing the Church

What does the Church need to be healed from?

  • Loss of vision, broken relationships, fear
  • Sharing areas of need, and healing which has already happened
  • Steps towards healing, beginning the process of reconciliation, exploring what a healed Church might look like.


Healing the Nations

What kind of healing is needed?

  • Understanding the big picture
  • Jesus as the Prince of Peace
  • Church and Nations - committing the church to intercessory ministry for healing in our world.


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£325 non en-suite

£140 day guest

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