“Your grace abounds in deepest waters. Your sovereign hand will be my guide.” Oceans, Hillsong

God is looking for those who will be obedient to His call. He equips those He calls rather than calling those who are equipped. Ananias was called by God to go to Saul, the great persecutor of Christians. As far as we can tell Ananias was an ordinary man who felt completely out of his depth when God sent him to Saul. But Ananias obeyed, God equipped him and the rest is history (Acts 9).

David and Colleen have obeyed God’s call to serve here at Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre and we celebrated this occasion with them on Thursday 24th January at the 10am Healing Service.


Friends and family joined staff, volunteers and guests to lay hands on the couple, praying for God’s anointing on their ministry. Oil was used on their heads and hands as a symbol of that anointing their feet were anointed with water.


The service was a reminder that God’s calling is both for those in full-time ministry (like the Mayhews) and for those who are not. God is seeking obedient servants whatever our situation in life might be. Stepping out into deeper waters is where His grace abounds and where He will be our guide.

This message was added on Friday 25th January 2019