A Triumphal Thanksgiving Day

"The power of the Holy Spirit throughout the weekend, both on a collective level, as well as on a personal level, was so apparent!"Thanksgiving Day group of people

The call of the shofar started the Thanksgiving Day service - calling us to worship and acknowledge that Jesus is King.

With joy as the theme we encouraged one another with stories of what the Lord has done, stirring faith. Steve surprised a number of visitors by giving them free copies of our most recent book "Loved Beyond Measure."Book - loved beyond measure

God has called Trevor, our Maintenance Gardener to "grow in the garden" and he shared his passion and plans with guests during a guided tour of the grounds.

David used a trick vase as an analogy of how we need to spend time being filled by God. That is exactly what we did during a time of soaking and impartation in the chapel.Trick vase

The day ended in usual style with a selection of magnificent homemade cakes prepared and served by the kitchen and housekeeping teams

This message was added on Wednesday 10th July 2019