The Promises of God

Rainbow - God keeps His promises

This type of image reminds me of Sunday School and Holiday Club. I remember being given stickers with "Smile Jesus loves you" or "God keeps His promises" if I remembered my Bible or (less often) when I recited the memory verse.

I can picture the Sunday School hut we gathered in and the Sunday School teachers who were faithfully there every week discipling, teaching and praying for us. I have fond memories of Holiday Club making peppermint creams, singing `Be Bold, Be Strong` and dressing up as a scarecrow with an uncomfortable plank of wood posted through my shirt and across my back to hold my arms up!

I also remember giving my life to Jesus at a very young age as a result of a Sunday School lesson. Kneeling down next to my doll`s cot one Sunday after Church I asked Jesus to come into my heart.

A game of human hungry-hipposAt the end of this month we open our doors for our second Christmas themed Families Weekend in 2019. The house will be festooned with Christmas decorations including a blow-up tree at the entrance. Christmas jumpers will be pulled on, in the face of August temperatures, and children will be laying down life-long memories and hearing the good news that God loves them. Please pray that like I did all those years ago, those children (and their families) will open their hearts to Jesus.

Appropriately, we follow the Families Weekend with `Festival Recovery.` If just the thought of human hungry-hippos, custard pies, life size junk-modelling, camp fires, games, craft and high energy teaching exhausts you, you will understand why a bespoke retreat is so important for Children`s, Youth and Families workers. With a heart for prayer ministry and seeing the power of God move in people`s lives Daniel Miles will be leading the retreat again. The focus this year is `The Promises of God` – maybe Daniel should give out those old Sunday School stickers "God keeps His promises!"

Rainbow at CCHC

This message was added on Tuesday 13th August 2019