A Kingdom Investment Opportunity!

Scripture and history have me believe the Lord will accomplish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven and that where efforts are made to cooperate with Him in this work, He supports them. Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre (CCHC) is a brilliant example. The Lord loves to meet, heal and transform the people He calls here, and He has done so for over 90 years. I trust you have experienced His healing presence here too?

Loaves and FishesPart of the miracle of this work is that financially it has always looked and continues to look impossible to achieve. From the beginning, when Howard Cobb believed he was to buy The Old Rectory from the Diocese, there was no money but the Lord provided. Expenditure has always been greater than income at CCHC, but time and again, the Lord has intervened miraculously to make the impossible possible. God is good all the time and He is zealous to advance and accomplish His work. Our recent history continues to bear witness to this.

In the past few years when our reserves were very low, the Lord intervened not only to continue the work but to enable us to make some essential physical changes, including improving, refreshing, maintaining and building.  Any walk around CCHC will abundantly testify to the Lord’s guidance and provision, and this stirs our faith. The Lord has also prompted changes to the ways people can encounter Him here, and we are increasingly seeing guests released in worship, using the gifts of the Spirit, forgiven, healed, restored and set free! We are amazed at all the Lord does - He does all things well.

In our Summer Magazine, we indicated that we need a financial injection into CCHC and the Lord’s present leading includes working towards financial sustainability. Here at the Centre we are currently working on ways to actively reduce expenditure and increase income. God’s zeal is the guarantee that His work will continue and we see that throughout Scripture, God provides for His work through people: ‘she gave all she had to live on”. (Luke 24.1-3). The miracle continues, thank you for your support!

We now need to invite you to please prayerfully consider your own investment in the future of this healing work and we pray that you will choose to stand with us. CCHC needs an on-going injection of regular donations to achieve sustainability. We believe the Lord intends to continue His work here.  Click here for details of a number of ways that you can help us achieve this. Thank you for your prayers and your consideration.
With love and shalom to you,

This message was added on Wednesday 4th September 2019