As I was out walking today, I was thinking about the Corona Virus pandemic. No doubt this is a topic we are all thinking about and talking about on a daily basis! But this time, I wasn’t thinking so much about the virus, and the impact it is having on our lives, but its name – Corona. What does Corona mean? I had an idea that a corona is a sort of crown, or a halo, such as you can see around the sun when there is a total solar eclipse. So, on a convenient seat I stopped to look up corona, and discovered it does mean crown, wreath, garland, such as we see round the sun, but it also is the trumpet of a daffodil too. The Corona Virus gets its name from the spikes that protrude from the surface of the virus, each spike with its little clump at the end, that form a kind of halo around the surface. We see an image of the virus every day on the news, but when I saw this Pussy Willow, (which technically isn’t a corona) it reminded me of a corona!

So, I began to think about a different kind of corona that is encircling the globe. The Corona Virus is spreading across the globe, but so is the Lord God Almighty! Corona Virus is spreading disease, but the Lord is life giving. The virus is creating fear, but the Lord is our peace. The virus is causing many, very sadly, to lose their lives but the Lord is still Sovereign.
I do not believe that God purposed the Corona Virus, but I do believe He can use it to advance His Kingdom on earth, and He invites us to be part of that work. We are seeing new ways of collective worship being developed, when we can’t be in the same physical space, bringing the possibility of worship within community to those shut indoors; acts of kindness being offered and received; innovative and creative ways to bring teaching and Bible study alive. We are seeing the increased use of technology to enable communities and families to see each other and gather together. New, and glorious, coronas are developing around the world. A corona of worship, a corona of praise, a corona of peace, a corona of love and a corona of the Kingdom of God.

I was watching an old episode of a favourite programme of mine a few days ago, (‘Call the Midwife’), and Sister Monica Joan said this...’the hands of the Almighty are so often to be found at the ends of our arms’. What a challenge that is right now. What might His hands at the end of your arms do to swell the beautiful corona of the Lord around the globe?

This message was added on Wednesday 15th April 2020