Does God make resolutions?

It’s that time of year when thoughts for some people turn to ‘New Year Resolutions’. Perhaps it is the habit born of years, or maybe simply the enticement of the ‘clean sheet’ or the ‘new start’ as a shiny brand-new year begins – with all its promise, potential and unknowns. Popular resolutions seem to be ‘to lose weight’, or ‘to exercise more’, or maybe ‘to pray more’, perhaps they are a bit more specific such as decorate the bathroom, or clear the loft! I’m not particularly a resolution maker, although when I think back to last year, I did make one resolution having just emptied my plastic recycling bin into the outside one, and wondering how I could possibly have used so much plastic. So, I determined that I would try to use less plastic through the year. I don’t know whether I achieved it or not because it is very hard to measure, but I was more mindful of buying loose veg (when I remembered), and checking to see whether plastic bags were recyclable before tossing them out. I suspect generally being more mindful did reduce my plastic consumption a bit, but not much.

So, are you a resolution maker, or an avoider? If you are a resolution maker, do you generally succeed or does it get broken after a week or two? It makes me wonder, is it better to succeed and fail than not to try at all? I’ll leave you to ponder that one.
So, if I am not a resolution maker, generally, why have my thoughts turned to resolutions as 2020 eases into 2021? Partly, I suppose because it is that time of year, but also because while pondering the value of resolutions, it made me wonder if God makes resolutions? I suppose if a resolution is basically a promise you make to yourself, then he does but once made there is complete commitment and follow through to completion, which is where our own resolutions often fail.

Through the season of Advent, we have remembered again the promise made by God that he would send his son, he would be born in the family line of King David, and he would be called Jesus, Messiah, Christ, Immanuel. Promises fulfilled by God.
As we look ahead to Easter, through the season of Lent, we will remind ourselves again of the promises of God that Jesus would be the one who would reconcile people to God, who would bring forgiveness, freedom and healing – not because we earn them but because God promises them to all who believe. Promises fulfilled by God, all I have to do is believe and they are mine.

That’s right, all I have to do is believe! Jesus said to Jairus, ‘do not be afraid, only believe’ (Mark 5 v 36); the Message version says ‘don’t listen to them, trust me’.
Perhaps that’s a good resolution for me to take up through the year? To lean on God’s promises to me, rather than ones I make to myself, and to trust Him more.
I love the hymn by Stuart Townend that speaks of God’s promises, here is the first verse:

From the breaking of the dawn, to the setting of the sun,
I will stand on every promise of Your word.
Words of power, strong to save, that will never pass away,
I will stand on every promise of Your word.
For Your covenant is sure, and on this I am secure,
I can stand on every promise of Your word.

Suzanne Owen

Have a blessed 2021, with love from all of us at CCHC. We look forward to seeing you during the year.

This message was added on Monday 4th January 2021