What in the world….

While out walking today I caught sight of this in the bushes and thought ‘what in the world is that doing there’? (click to read more to see the photo)

Just in case you can’t see what it is, it is a zimmer frame, standing upright in a neglected and overgrown area of brambles and shrubs, surrounded by trees and fences. My various thoughts, more or less in this order were:

  • ‘Should there be someone with it’?
  • ‘Is someone in trouble’?
  • ‘Has someone fallen over’?
  • How did they get in there anyway?
  • It looks like a perfectly good zimmer frame – what a waste!
  • If it has been thrown away why is it standing neatly upright? (because surely it wouldn’t have landed like that if it had been tossed over the fence?).

I looked all around but there was no one else around, not a single soul!!

It is all very mysterious, and the more so because this is not an accessible area, and neither is there evidence of it being a dumping ground for assorted other rubbish.

I walk on, and think about it some more.

Then I begin to wonder ‘why did I notice it’? Am I am missing something?

As soon as I think that I wonder - is it you Lord? Is there something here you want me to see? Why would you want me to see a zimmer frame in the undergrowth?

I’m reminded of the way God got the attention of his prophets in the Old Testament. The boy Samuel who didn’t recognise the voice of the Lord to begin with, and how God called to Moses from a burning bush, (that would really be something you’d notice!!). Our recent Quiet Days at CCHC have focused on the life of Elijah and how God really got his attention in some remarkable ways. I am particularly struck by when Elijah was at breaking point in the middle of a mental health crisis, (read 1 Kings 19 v 9 – 14). Elijah had retreated into a cave but God got his attention in a very loving way. He didn’t shout, or judge, or recriminate, but spoke in the quietest whisper that was able to ease its way into Elijah’s tortured mind. The result of that was a way out of the cave, progress along a journey to healing and a reminder that God was interested in the man, not just his gifts.

So, Lord, was there something more you wanted me to see, or did you just want my attention for a few moments as I walked in the sunshine?

Suzanne Owen


This message was added on Wednesday 3rd March 2021