Price increase from January 2024

It is always a very difficult decision each year, whether to increase our prices or not. We are aware of the very fine line between affordability for our guests and sustainability as well as discerning what the Lord would have us do! Our primary calling is to do what the Lord will have us do; and that is how we have reached these decisions.

The months between Autumn 2022 and Spring 2023 were very difficult for us financially, but we have also seen the Lord’s faithfulness in his provision for his work here in generous and unexpected ways. We are also living in some very difficult and uncertain economic times, with our costs from food to heating oil, and the myriad of expenses in between (like everyone else’s) rising substantially. We also have to be mindful that our staff work hard and their actual salary does not reflect their worth to us and our guests and visitors.

We have, somewhat reluctantly, made the decision to raise our prices this year by 4.5%, having not raised our prices for at least two years. In effect this will mean that the ensuite room price per night which is currently £95, will rise to £100 per night from January 1st, and prices for non ensuite rooms and led retreats will rise in a similar proportion. We have, however, decided not to raise our prices for day guests, quiet days and teaching days.

This price increase is below the level of inflation (currently 6.7%), but will still require considerable trust in the Lord, and the generous giving of our supporters in order for this work to continue. Even with this increase, we will still need to rely on generous supporters, and legacies for half of our income.

This message was added on Tuesday 31st October 2023