• Motivational Gifts

    Motivational Gifts

    Do you wonder why you do the things you do?  Do you know the gifts you were born with, that were always there, that make you ‘You!’ Andy Raine, one of the founders of Northumbria Community, will be leading us on this unique weekend to discover the amazing gifts God has already planted in us.

    You can add additional nights before or after this retreat. To do this please telephone us on 01424 830204 or leave a note of the dates in the additional information when you book online.

    COVID-19 important information:

    We at Crowhurst Christian Healing Centre will do all we can to ensure that CCHC remains a safe place for residential guests, visitors and staff. Please help us to keep you safe by following these simple measures:

    At CCHC, we will ensure public spaces, including the chapels are well ventilated.

    Face masks and face coverings: we are no longer advising the wearing of face coverings, but all guests and visitors who wish to continue wearing a mask are welcome to do so.

    If you feel unwell, please do not visit CCHC either as a residential guest or visit Howard’s Well.

    If you test positive for Covid, please do not visit CCHC as a guest or a visitor

    If you are staying at CCHC and develop symptoms of Covid, please let the office know as soon as possible, and if you can, do a lateral flow test, (we encourage you to bring a test with you!). If the test is positive, we reserve the right to ask you to return home.

    Continue to practise good hand hygiene, using the sanitisers provided.  

    Please expect our daily rhythm of worship to be different from what you have experienced at CCHC before.